Introduction to Agile

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    Agile methods emphasize flexibility and adaptability. Agile framework lends itself well to projects where requirements and solutions evolve with time.Agile methodologies are popular approaches in software development, which is based on principles defined by the Agile Manifesto.Agile methods include many product development frameworks such as Scrum, XP and kanban which allow for rapid delivery of software.The Introduction to Agile training program is focused on providing an improved understanding of Agile
  1. Introduction to Agile Principles
  2. Introduction to Agile Methodologies
  3. Brief history of Agile?
  4. What is agile development?
  5. Traditional planning and estimating vs the Agile methods Team work
  6. How it impacts the organization?
Take away
  1. Get an introduction to Agile methods
  2. Principles behind the Agile Manifesto
  3. Learn to combine best methods from multiple Agile methodologies
  4. Problems with traditional software development
  5. How adopting Agile approaches can increase business value
  6. Learn how to contribute as a member of an agile team
Who should attend
  1. Professionals who are interested to attain the knowledge on agile can take up this training.
  2. This program,is an added advantage for those who are seeking for CSM exam.
  3. Project managers, Product managers/Product Owners, Team Leads,Software developers, Architects,Principle engineers,Testers are ideal participants for this course and anyone who are interested to learn more about Agile principles

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